Declaration: live music and video for human rights

by Tagné + Kooj

Declaration is a mixed-media global-jazz music performance with documentary narratives reflecting on human rights post-Brexit
Currently commissioned for Refugee Week 2019 by HOME Manchester.
Duration: approx 60 mins. Available for booking – contact us.

Declaration live music and video performance by Tagné and Kooj

A musical journey specially composed and performed by Tagné Tebu, a multi-instrumentalist coming from a mix of jazz, African, Latin and Indo-Arabic influences.  Declaration will feature live projections from video artist Kooj Chuhan plus contributing musicians.  Expect sections of free jazz improvisation, click-drum-triggering of audio speech loops, rich textures, daring rhythms and evocative melodic structures.  The music interweaves around a mix of recorded and live spoken monologues by detainees, campaigns for work rights, human rights activists and legal case-workers.

The piece narrates a statement about the ‘Universal Declaration on Human Rights’ which the UK should uphold. We are also connecting with the historical contexts for ‘Declarations of Independence’ to end colonisation.  The artists will be exploring a level of decolonising the musical form.  Recorded documentary audio and video footage gathered by Kooj Chuhan will be adapted using software for re-play within the music.


Tagné Tebu is well known in Manchester as an astounding multi-instrumentalist musician composer.  He came from Cameroon originally as a refugee to the UK, and strongly believes in the importance of legal systems for migrant justice.  He has many credits as composer, arranger, producer and director. These include the 3-year Urban Music Theatre project, Manchester International Roots Orchestra, Another Country music and spoken word production.  He has worked with international ‘world music’ stars Amadou and Mariam, Palestinian singer Reem Kelani and Romanian composer Michael Cretu.  Tagné is co-founder and artistic director of Amani Creatives in Manchester.

Kooj Chuhan will co-produce and add visuals to the project. He has known and worked with Tagné for 12 years.  Kooj has exhibited work at Arnolfini (Bristol), ICA (London), internationally including San Diego, Paris, New Delhi, Toronto.  He has won an award for digital arts connecting refugees with climate change, founded the Virtual Migrants artists collective focusing on race, migration and global justice, was instrumental in the early Manchester Black Arts movement and is the director of Metaceptive Media.


Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit and These Walls Must Fall campaign will contribute using audio and video narratives from their members which are integrated into the music score. 
The collaborating partners supporting the project are:   Amani Creatives , Virtual Migrants , These Walls Must Fall , Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit and Metaceptive Projects and Media .

Forthcoming event at HOME Manchester on 18th June 2019:

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