The Poppy Retake

New video installation art mixing culture today and recent conflicts with World War I and the historical realities for people in previous colonies.

Footprint Modulation

Art, interventions and conference exploring climate change, global justice and human displacement across five venues in Durham.

Chamada From Chico Mendes

Interactive Digital Carnival Installation inspired by environmental activism stories from across the world - including Chico Mendes.

Climate Justice, Science & Refugees

An award-winning project inolving academics, scientists, artists and refugees.


Interactive video installations across five touch-screens on permanent display at the Manchester Museum

digital art, documentary, film, creative media, social justice & cultural practice

Film Production & Documentary

Compelling film and video is at the heart of Metaceptive: documentaries, artists film and drama. Understanding the subject and story, driving a vibrant process within tight time and budget constraints.

Digital Art & Exhibition

Metaceptive innovates with digital media and interactivity in a variety of creative projects. Work by the director Kooj has been exhibited internationally and includes curation, gallery installation, hybrid methods and work with live performance.

Social engagement & education

With over 30 years of experience working in social and community contexts, Metaceptive can provide critical sensitivity in building worthwhile voices that articulate important contexts and issues.

Current and Recent Projects

"Chamada From Chico Mendes" - Interactive Digital Carnival Installation by Kooj Chuhan inspired by environmental activism stories from across the world - including Chico Mendes.

Recent Blog posts:


Video art and documentary exhibition connects wars, colonialism and games, focusing on World War I. Launches 18th April.

THE POPPY RETAKE is a new video art installation by Kooj Chuhan with an alternative take on World War I ...
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Tyneside Cinema Climate Migration weekend screens Footprint Modulation film

Tyneside cinema is to screen the 'Footprint Modulation' documentary followed by a showing of the feature film 'Climate Refugees' on ...
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Climate migration discussion incl Zita Holbourne, Richard Black + others

Video of panel presentations from 'Linking Climate Change with Migration' public event 7th March 2016 at Kings College, which began ...
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EVENT: Linking climate change with migration Film screening and panel discussion 7/3/16 London

Is the devastation of our climate forcing increased migration and is it projected to worsen in the future? A new ...
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Kooj Chuhan’s video art at Royal Geographical Society: ‘Buy This v3’

The Impact Of Diasporas is a day-long event on Thurs 17th September 2015, including Kooj Chuhan's video art at Royal ...
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progressive media: poster film collective

Progressive media: Poster Film Collective in the 80s and other online pieces

Selected posts by Kooj Chuhan during July or so on Metaceptive's Facebook page : Poster Film Collective progressive media in ...
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Silence Would Be Treason performance by Platform plus Footprint Modulation events weekend

Silence Would Be Treason / Footprint Modulation performance, poetry, music, film event by arts-activists Platform on Sunday 28th June + ...
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Footprint Modulation’s Launch through a Lens

The Launch through a lens: Footprint Modulation’s Launch by local photographer Simone Rudolphi Footprint Modulation had its preview and launch ...
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Launch of Footprint Modulation – art exhibition exploring climate migration

FOOTPRINT MODULATION An exhibition of art and interventions exploring climate change, global justice and human displacement across five venues in ...
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Maria Benevides on Eco-Brazil, Chico Mendes, Forests and Water: live link confirmed

The exhibition opening for 'Chamada From Chico Mendes' will talk using live video with Maria Benevides on Eco-Brazil, Chico Mendes, ...
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